Physical Development

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  • Published : December 22, 2012
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This essay elucidates about the observation and interpretation of Mary’s physical and cognitive development. Mary, who is 5 years of age, has a flamboyant personality. She is jovial and ebullient by nature. An active girl who adores sports education as well. In consideration to Mary’s mix parentage background, she speaks eloquently with good intonation and enunciation.

Physical Development- Gross Motor Skills
This observation particularly elucidates about Mary’s development in her gross motor skills. Based on the observation, Mary (5.6) used body coordination of her legs and hands movement to bend down and grab the ball. She was able to apply locomotor dexterity movement like kicking the ball using her feet and leg muscles. Subsequently, she put the ball to a halt using her right foot; demonstrating good sense of control of the ball. On a second attempt, she kicked the ball with sheer force and strength. This demonstrated the vigor and dynamism using her leg muscles. She ran by applying body coordination; knees are slightly bent, and arms moved in opposite direction alternately. She possessed commendably good balancing skills. She was able to coordinate her eyes and legs as she maneuvered and dribbled the ball. With this particular observation, an evaluation was concluded. Mary’s physical abilities advanced significantly from any other child of her age. She has good gross motor skills! Physical Development- Fine Motor Skills

Mary was able to demonstrate good eye-hand coordination skill. Simultaneously, she used her hands and pincer grasp to arrange the crepe papers on the table. She was able to apply pincer grasp by using her right thumb, index and middle fingers to tear a small portion of crepe paper. She was able to use palmer grasp to clamp the crepe papers in between her palms. Mary was able to display good eye-hand coordination as she...
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