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Analytical Study of Photojournalism
in Indian Newspapers

Submitted by:
Irshad Shaikh

Course Name: C 3
Name: Irshad Shaikh
Roll No: 11

I, Irshad Shaikh, a student of H.B. Institute of Communication and Management, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans College, wish to undertake a study on the ‘Analytical Study of Photojournalism in Indian Newspapers’ Journalism is a broad field with various specializations like sports, film & television, photo, print etc. Of these, one of the leading streams today is photojournalism. It is an integral part of journalism as photographs play a vital role in depicting events. Photojournalism involves application of photography skills and aesthetics to the area of news reporting and journalism. In other words, it is the practice of creating images in order to tell a news story. It includes collecting, editing and presenting of news material (pictures) for publication or broadcast to the news media like newspapers, magazines, television channels, websites and other journals. At times, a single photograph can convey a news story of thousand words. It is the skill of the photojournalist to take photos with such impact. Since TV burst into our homes to stay, it has been competing and gaining territories from radio, magazines and newspapers. As a result, television has been slowly eroding the power, electiveness and contents of newspapers and magazines which have had to adapt to these facts changing its goals and styles. Photojournalism has to compete with TV as well, in content and technology. Today's papers carry yesterday's events which we have probably already seen on the evening news. The reader is therefore more interested in the different ways the information is presented to him rather than in the news themselves. Therefore the Newspapers now a day’s emphasized on photographs more. Today the daily floods of televised images are the fast food of information: once digested they are erased. On the other hand when photography is enhanced with an informative, emotional or aesthetic component it stays in our memories. Photojournalism is a very valid form of journalism. Photography often can capture things that words cannot. It’s said, a picture is worth a thousand of words. By keeping this point of view in mind, my study will be done around significance of photojournalism in newspapers. Newspapers photographic content will be analyzed and possible outcomes will be presented in the conclusion.

Topic:Analytical Study of Photojournalism in Indian Newspapers Objective: 1) To find out the significance of photojournalism in Indian Newspapers
2) To find out the reason behind the extensive use of photographs in newspapers Study Method:The study will contain the following research method * Content Analysis of two newspaper (One English & one Vernacular) * Survey and exploratory method where needed

Study Area:Ahmedabad City

Topics to be covered in Review of Literature:
1) History of photography in India
2) Introduction and understanding of Photojournalism
3) Difference between photography and photojournalism
4) Development of photojournalism in Indian newspapers
5) Various categories of photojournalism in newspapers
6) Ethics of photojournalism
7) Use of latest technology in the realm of photojournalism

Sample Design:Readers of the two newspapers (newspapers will be decided later on)

Sample Size:40(approximately)

Expert Interview:Interviews of the people related with photojournalism will be taken where needed Research Technique: Observation & Interview

Research Tools:Questionnaire and interview guidelines will be designed as research tool

* Questionnaire will be designed for the readers of identified newspapers
* Interview guideline will be designed for the people related with photojournalism

Collection of Data:Data Collection will be done...
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