Photographer Research Report

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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. About my Subject/Idea
The topic of my final prints is “Two lovely ladies in my life”. These tow ladies in the photos are my flat-mate since I came to Australia, we treat each other as sister, and so in my final task prints, I would like to communicate an idea about how lovely they are in my eyes, and try to deliver a feeling of a close friendship.

2. Sample of Photographer
Before I work on the shooting, I picked 4 images of Australian photographer Roger Scott’s images from his collection called “ FROM THE STREET” as examples to study the technique. I like Roger Scott’s work from this collection because those photos are street snap, which is no artificial composition, and much more about life. And 2 images from Eve Arnold, from “The Misfits” which contains larger numbers of portraits in order to gain enlightens on how to do a good portrait .

Image 1, “Vienna, 1973”:
· The object been place in the right part of the image and must be close to the camera. Point focus on the foreground. · Punchy outdoor lighting
· Aperture might be around f/18 in order to create a maximum depth of field. · Diagonal and diminish composition has create a sense of depth and perspective in the 2D images. Image 2:

· High contrast due to the light source is inside the viewfinder and face to the camera lens. · Using repetition of form composition.
· Silhouette
· Aperture might be f/ 10 because the contour of characters is very clear but hard to see the content on the screen. · The high contrast effect can leads audience to focus on character’s movement Image 3: Portrait.

· Minimum Depth of Field created by a small Aperture, which is possibly f/3 in order to create selective focus on the subject makes it simplicity, less clutter. · Light source from the outside of viewfinder, might be 45 degree from higher angle to character. · The structure of the whole image is centred subject.

These techniques assist to express...
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