How to Take a Good Photograph

Topics: Photography, Photograph, Camera Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: April 2, 2012
I. Introductory paragraph:
II. Body paragraphs:
1. Choosing angle of sight and adjusting the lay-out
2. Adjusting the light
3. Take many photographs at the same sight to pick out the most beautiful one 4. Hold the camera steadily
5. Use a editing software to make the photo more beautiful III. Concluding paragraph:
Photographing has been enjoyed by many people for a long time. Today, it is very easy for everyone to own a camera so this hobby is becoming more and more popular. Everyone like taking photograph but their photo is not always beautiful. Having an expensive camera does not mean that you will have wonderful photographs. The beauty of a photograph depends mostly on the skill of the photographer. The following steps will help you to take the most beautiful photos as a professional photographer. First, observe the scene and feel its beauty then take a photo to save it. When you take a portrait of someone, try to approach the central character but not too close and remember to put the camera flush with their face to catch their eyes and their smile. You hold the camera, you take the shot means that you are the director and the central character is an actor. You have to tell them what to do, how to stand, how to pose because not everyone is a professional model. In brief, to have beautiful photographs, the camera holder needs to be able to feel the beauty of the scene. The ability of discovering the beauty comes from creativity and sensitivity of the photographer. One of the most noticeable things is people often do not care about the background. They just focus on the theme and forget about the background. No matter how beautiful the model is, an ugly background will make the whole photo less attractive. You should always pay attention on choosing the suitable background. Second, adjust the light. The light will affect to the quality of you photo a lot. You not always have an...
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