Phiten Braclets a Scam?

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Phiten bracelets and necklaces have become very popular in the world of sports. The main sports they are used in is baseball and golf. At Phiten, they claim that their necklaces will “add energy” and “help people enhance their quality of life” (Hirata). The makers of Phiten say claim to use a special way of breaking down titanium into water, creating something they call aqua titanium. This aqua titanium gets infused into their products, which they say will help a person’s overall lifestyle and increase their energy. However, the problem is that there is no scientific proof to back it up, so people should not spend their money on Phiten products.

The average Phiten Necklace costs twenty-five dollars for a consumer to purchase. All the necklace contains is a plastic clip and some kind of nylon material surrounding what they claim to be aqua titanium. It is very inexpensive for Phiten to make these necklaces. In order to make a big profit on them, they say that they have a way to break down the titanium into water which creates positive ions that help align your body and give you positive energy. However, according to a metal chemist, “titanium (Ti) itself is not water soluble, it needs an ionic bond like fluoride (TiF) to become soluble” (Bad Wax). What they say they do to the titanium to make it have a special balance to help your body function better, cannot even be done.

Josh Beckett, a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, is an athlete who wears a Phiten necklace. He says that he believes the necklace does help his physical abilities, along with his mental abilities. There are many other star athletes who wear them as well and will say the same thing. Sports, however require very adequate mental strength. You have to be confident in what you are doing and stay mentally strong throughout the entire game. Jim Wohlford, who played in the MLB as an outfielder, said that “Baseball is ninety percent mental half of the time” (Reed). Another...
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