Advertising Using the Educational and Straight Sell Techniques

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  • Published : June 19, 2007
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An advertisement taken from the September 9, 2002 People magazine issue uses the straight sell and educational technique to encourage people to buy a digital watch. This article describes an atomic digital watch that is controlled by radio and automatically reads the official standard frequency and time transmitter in North America. The radio signal gets the time from the most accurate clock in North America, which is based in Colorado. In Colorado, the United States Government has an F-1 Fountain Atomic Clock that neither gains nor loses a second in 20 million years. The Atomic Digital Watch gives you a selection of 24 time zones and automatically displays the precise accurate time. The watch has a day and date calendar and lasts three years.

This article uses the straight sell tactic. The article consists of a straightforward and clear presentation of the digital watch and its benefits. The advertisement clearly explains the features of the watch such as its precision and accuracy, differentiating it from other watches. The article actually states that, "if you travel-this watch is a necessity" (People, 2003).

The advertisement also uses the educational tactic. The ad offers a detailed explanation of the digital watch's capabilities. The article informs the reader of the U.S. Governments creation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the division that maintains the F-1 Fountain Atomic Clock that has the nation's standard time. The article informs the consumer of several facts that are associated with the product.

This article seems to be very effective. Its informative and straightforward approach convinced me of the belief in this product. I actually thought that it would be nice to have such a watch and that others would benefit from its use.
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