Philosophy of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing

Leddy and Pepper (2003) defined philosophy of nursing as the intellectual and affective outcomes of the professional nurses' efforts to understand the ultimate relationship among humans, environment, and health; to approach nursing as a scientific discipline; to integrate a sense of values into practice; to appreciate esthetic elements that contribute to health and well-being; and to articulate a personal belief system about human beings, environment, health and nursing.

Hubert H Humphrey Comprehensive Health Center our nursing philosophy is providing an atmosphere of comfort while delivering care to the public we serve, it is our belief that the dignity and worth of individual must be respected and preserved. We further believe that the nursing care must be consistent with and specifically designed to meet the needs of the patient, and his family and the community in which he lives. Our mission statement is "To provide quality health care in a culturally sensitive manner" (2000).

The American Nursing Association is the professional organization for nurses in the United States. It major purpose are to promote high standards of nursing care to improve the quality and availability of healthcare, and to foster the professional development of nurses. Nurses are responsible for promoting excellence in nursing practice, patient advocacy, and for protecting the practice of nursing in all clinical settings.

In keeping my job philosophy and mission in mind I believed that I have developed a philosophy that reflects the values of caring, human life and dignity, the environment, health, professional nursing, cultural diversity, and educational achievement. Caring is an essential component of nursing which involves the therapeutic use of self within the context of nursing practice. Caring requires a personal, social, moral and spiritual engagement of the nurse. The nurse is committed to self and others. Caring involves the protection,...
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