Philosophy of Nursing

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  • Published : July 30, 2012
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September 14, 2009

Philosophy of Nursing

Jennifer Moore

University of Phoenix

Philosophy of Nursing

The purpose of this paper is to write a beginning philosophy of nursing that reflects the beliefs and values of me, Jennifer Moore. My personal philosophy as a nurse is to treat every patient as I would like to be treated.

Why I Chose Nursing
I chose nursing as my profession because nursing was something that had been in my family since my grandmother. I felt like I would be continuing the tradition of being in healthcare. My grandmother was a nurse aide back in the 50’s & 60’s. She told us many stories from the days when she worked in a small community hospital. Next was my aunt, she became a LPN in the early 70’s; she also told may stories about things that would happen while she was working in the same hospital. All of these stories sparked my interest in the nursing field. I started into college fresh out of high school with a goal to graduate nursing school as a registered nurse. It wasn’t really until I graduated college as a nurse and started working in the “real world” that I realized why I had become a nurse. It wasn’t only that it was because my family had been in the health care field; it was because I had an urge to make a difference in people’s lives. Core of Nursing

I believe the core of nursing is patient care. This is the very basic reason for being a nurse. As nurses, sometimes we do act as a maid, waitress, gopher for the physician, as well as the caregiver for the patients. But the center of our profession is the patients.

Focus of Nursing
I believe that the focus of nursing is patient safety. As nurses, it is our responsibility that the patient remains safe. People entrust us to give them the right medication, do the right treatments, and perform the right procedures on them. Without this trust, we can...
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