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Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Same-sex marriage Pages: 32 (7870 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Philosophy Tuesday November 11
John Corvino – Homosexuality is morally acceptable
* Why do people have sex?
* Pleasure
* Avenue for personal growth
* Way to communicate
* Lasting inter-personal fulfillment
* Not usually engaged for procreation purposes
* Not to say that it can’t be used for this
* It’s not the only purpose behind sex
* The book ‘Sex at Dawn;
* Humans have sex roughly 1000 times for every child * Gorillas 10-15 per child
* Gibbons < 10 per baby
* So why do we have sex so much?
* It fulfills social functions
* Establishing trusting relationships in a social group

* All of these reasons are the same reasons that homosexual couples engage in sex * Having a good reason to do something doesn’t mean that it’s moral * If we have good reasons not to do something that might overshadow any good reason for doing something

* Arguments AGAINST homosexuality
* Homosexuality is unnatural
* What does unnatural mean? The term is very ambiguous term, it has multiple meanings (wearing clothes is unnatural, building cars etc) * What exactly is the objection?
* Possible definitions for “unnatural”
* Abnormal or Unusual
* Does this give us justification that homosexual sex is wrong? * Having purple hair is unusual
* Playing accordion is unusual
* Are any of these immoral?
* Non-Animal
* Animals do not behave in this manner, so it is unnatural * Animals do practice Homosexuality (Penguins)
* Animals can even change genders
* More importantly, we shouldn’t take our moral cues from animals * They don’t cook their food
* Some animals kill their mater during sex

* Innate Desires
* People don’t usually desire to be homosexual. It is a learned behavior. Since it isn’t innately desired, it is wrong. * Nature vs, Nurture debate
* Many people argue that homosexuals are born gay * Does this give us good reason to let them be gay? * Some people are born with a short temper
* Does this morally justify letting them fly into a rage? * Genetics doesn’t morally justify anything * IT is an amoral factoid
* Is homosexuality learned?
* This doesn’t seem likely
* Is do, then straight people can learn to be gay * Try choosing someone you find unattractive to become attractive

* Violation of purpose
* Parts of our bodies have natural purposes. When we use them against their purposes, we are doing wrong. * Most of our body parts have multiple purposes * ^^^ Mouths can be used to eat, speak, sing, kiss * What’s the correct purpose??? * Why would it be correct to kiss the opposite sex, but NOT the same sex?? * Why is it correct to kiss on the lips, cheek, neck, but incorrect to kiss penises or vaginas?? * Many of our body parts from our hands to our toes are able to express love, give and receive pleasure, celebrate and enhance relationships. * The alternative is saying sex is only for PROcreation. * Infertile couples, older couples, women after menopause – cant have sex?? * Women who have hysterectomies can never in principle have children. How are they any diff from a homosexual couples??

* Unnatural as disgusting or offensive
* Many people find homosexual sex disgusting...
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