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  • Published: February 16, 2014
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PHILMAN Lesson 1: Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophical Concerns according to Dr. Bob Zunjic
The study of philosophy may deal with every dimension of human life and can raise questions in any field of study or endeavor. Philosophy pursues questions rather than answers.
Philosophy is not bound by any particular “truths” that set limits to the desire to continue asking questions. Philosophy changes historically both in respect to its content and its character. Definitions

Etymologically, philosophy is derived from the Greek word philein or philia meaning “love” or “friendship” and sophia meaning “wisdom.” Hence, “love of wisdom.” The Chinese define philosophy as Zhe-Xue or Che Shueh (originally coined by Dr. Nishi Amane). Zhe means “wisdom” while Xue means “study.” Significantly, the Chinese character Zhe bears the emblem of mouth and hand which suggests the inseparability of words and action.This philosophy is the translation of words into action or the application of theory into praxis. Hence, for the Chinese, philosophy singles out a person to live on what he says. For the Hindus, philosophy is Darsana. Darsana means seeing, not only through the eyes but through the whole being of the one that sees. In other words, philosophy for the Hindus means seeing the whole reality through a total advertence and involvement of the looker. Philosophy refers to the field of study of the process which includes standards and guidelines for thought and for logic by which people develop concepts and principles which describe people, things and events, and techniques for using the concept and principles for the purpose of observing, analyzing, understanding, evaluating, organizing, and dealing with themselves and other people, things, and events who/which comprise reality (Kroepel, 2011) Philosophy refers to a human drive in the search of knowledge and wisdom to facilitate the evolution of man. Philosophy studies the fundamental nature of existence, of man, and of...
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