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Brighter homes. Inspiring homes.
Home Decorative Lighting Collection, 2009-2010

How do you create a space that is comforting? How do you create a decor that is inspiring? How do you create a home that is inviting?


Have you noticed how some homes seem to sparkle and draw us in? They radiate character and seem to glow. The magic of light is the answer, for it comforts you, energises you, and turns your house into a home. Philips Home Decorative Lighting Collection offers an enchanting range of easy-to-install lighting for every part of your home. What’s more, the entire collection comes with advanced energy efficient solutions that comply with the most stringent safety standards in the world. Now you can enjoy the splendor of light effortlessly. A collection that is surprisingly smart and in-tune with your style, the Philips Home Decorative Lighting Collection is like a breath of fresh air. Whether it is for your living room, garden or bathroom, you will find something that is just right for you. So, go ahead and dream. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!

Home Decorative Lighting Collection, 2009/10 – Introduction


– Color your world with light
Discover the magic of light at the touch of a button! The Philips LivingColors light lets you create dynamic home ambiences by giving access to 16 million colors. The Philips LivingColors a sensorial experience of light that turns everyday moments into fantasy.

– Saving in style
Stylish, elegant and eco-friendly, the Philips ecomoods lights collection helps you to save energy while complementing your home décor. The collection uses energy saving lamps that help you save up to 80% energy, translating into savings for you CMYK C=78 M=0 Y=63 K=67

and most importantly the environment.

– Turn your bathroom into a spa
Bathrooms have become cocoons of comfort and a sanctuary from a world of stress and anxiety. The Philips Aquafit collection, with its elegant lines turns your bathroom into your personal design statement. You can also be at ease knowing that this collection is built according to the most stringent safety standards.

– Fun spaces with light and color
Specially designed for children, Philips Kidsplace collection designs are fun and helps make your child’s room more cosier and fun to be in. Balanced between fantasy and timeless pieces , these lights inspire your children to spend time in their room, go to sleep and stay asleep - no scary shadows! Philips Kidsplace collection, a perfect touch to any child’s bedroom!


- Decorative – Give style a home
Ranging from refined, understated elegance to intricate, hand crafted styles, the spirit of light is transformed into alluring designs in the Philips roomstylers Decorative collection. So give your home a makeover today! Bring home a piece of art or the whole art collection of lighting!

- Wall and Ceiling – Your space, your style
Add drama to your walls and ceilings with the Philips roomstylers Wall & Ceiling collection. With a host of options to embellish your walls and ceilings, take your pick from modern, retro, classic or mixed! A collection that echoes harmony, symmetry and balance, the Philips roomstylers Wall and Ceiling collection is in sync with your personal style. Now feel free to fill every nook and corner of your home with the positive vibes of light!

- Spots – Creates lasting impression
Philips roomstylers Spots collection provides a way to focus attention on your feature wall, decorative pieces or your favorite paintings. Take your pick from a selection of Handmade Glass Art designer glass or a sand blasted glass, whatever your choice, you’ll be sure that the wash of light will add drama to your decoration.

– At home with nature
Sturdy, stylish, high performance and hassle-free, the Philips outerstylers collection is designed to complement the exteriors of any home or garden. Delivering superior energy efficiency even in most adverse weather...
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