Philippine Revolution

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First Phase of the Philippine Revolution
Phase 1:
Philippines vs. Spain

Filipino Leaders:
* Andres Bonifacio (Katipunan)
* Emilio Aguinaldo
* Baldomero Aguinaldo
* Emilio Jacinto
* Mariano Llanera
* Mariano Alvarez
* Candido Tirona

* Governor General Ramon Blanco
* Camilo de Polavieja
* Fernando Primo de Rivera

Goals and Objectives of the 1st Phase Leaders:
* expulsion of the friars and the return to the Filipinos of the lands they appropriated for themselves * representation in the Spanish Cortes
* freedom of the press and tolerance of all religious sects * equal treatment and pay for Peninsular and Insular civil servants * abolition of the power of the government to banish citizens * legal equality for all persons

The 1896 revolution started in Cavite when Rizal was executed for treason. The Katipunan got divided into two groups. Emilio Aguinaldo led the Magdalo and Andres Bonifacio led the Magdiwang. Bonifacio was executed by Aguinaldo's soldiers because of a conflict between them. Because of Rizal's writings, Filipinos became inspired to oppose the power of the clergy and to fight for their independence. Oppression became the fuel of the revolution. With Aguinaldo's leadership, a considerable success was achieved but it was short-lived because neither side honored what they have agreed on. Therefore, a new revolution started.

The first phase of the Philippine revolution ended with the signing of the Pact of Biak-na-Bato between the Spaniards and the Katipuneros. This was a truce between November 18 and December 15, 1897.The two sides resulted to a temporary cessation of hostilities. This brought the uneasy peace between the two for 4 and half months.

Second Phase of the Philippine Revolution
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