Philippine Constitution

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Comparative Analysis
Article 1
I see that Article 1 talks about the Philippines right over their sovereignty. This includes the law enforcements that the country shall use as a medium of defense against other countries who are claiming that they own some of the Philippine territorial lands. Some issues or topics I seem to connect with this article is the Chinese officials claiming the Spratleys island which is popularly very rich in mineral resources such as oil. Not only China but also Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan. But controversies gets more hotter between the Philippines and China. Article 3 Bill of Rights

Section 9. Private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation. This sections tells that there must be enough proof of evidence of such just compensation involved before the government uses a private property for public use. A reasonable amount of money should be involved in such cases, so that It would be fair enough for the owners of the private property to let the government use what belongs to them. Some examples I could cite is when a government is asking for a permission to a landowner that they will buy their land for such beneficial public use like hospital or schools. The property owner has the right to claim the governments payment for their purchase of land. Article 7 Executive Department

Based on my own perception Article 7 states all about whoever is responsible in position of the Presidency in case of such unexpected inconsistencies among the President elected. It also talks about who is next appointed president in case the elected president fails to qualify. With this law we are having It would be a very good idea If time comes that there is some problems happening in the Senate. Article 13 Social Justice and Human Rights

This article talks about the rights that the workers deserve from the labor they have contributed to such companies. It states about the provision of shelter to the workers in order to have...
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