Phi227 Exam Review 02

Topics: Physician, Patient, Health care provider Pages: 4 (892 words) Published: April 25, 2013
1. In the paternalistic model of doctor-patient relationship, power resident exclusively with Doctors; in the engineering model, it resides entirely with Patients.

2. In the engineering model of doctor-patient relationship, the doctor’s job is to provide technical information.

3. Among the advantages of the collegial model of doctor-patient relationship are the following: a. Share decision making.
b. Trust of the relationship.

4. There are three kinds of incompetent patients:
a. Patients who are used to be competent are not longer competent, but they expressed their wishes before becoming incompetent. b. Patients who are used to be competent are not longer competent did not express their wishes, but their values/ principles/ preferences/ believe are lack or unknown. c-1. Patients who have never been competent, mentally changed adult, children c-2. Patients who used to be competent are not longer competent do not expect their wishes and their values are not known.

6. Among the problems of advance directives are the following: a. Question of interpretation.
b. Not informed

7. In the absence of clear and specific advance directives, surrogates should Make as much as good and as less as harm decisions.

8. Decisions based on a patient’s best interest are justified by the ethical guideline of decisions that serve the patient’s interest and of beneficence or un-beneficence.

9. Among the advantages of advance directives are the following: a. Keep the patients in control
b. Relief family’s anxiety and fear
c. Provide the basis for the guideline
d. Document unusually requests.
10. Deception in health care undermines the trust between the doctor and the patient.

11. among the things that can be done to preserve as much confidentiality as possible in case there is an ethical demand to breach it are following: a. Patients are danger to themselves.
b. Patients harm to another person....
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