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Existentialism and phenomenology: Interpretive writing assignment

The passage speaks of the thought process that Husserl had in extracting himself from the empirical world to that of the transcendental. By means of a deliberate effort perceive from out of the local epoche, which is another meaning for cessation, only then one would be able to discover the essence of meanings and objects.

The problem
Husserl had an issue with the conventional methodology of experiencing phenomena. Conventionally, one would be required to observe from a first person perspective so as to ensure that the subject in question was experienced exactly as intended. However, Husserl felt that when one perceives, one cannot fall victim to, and at the same time, discover perceptual errors; such as the cases of illusions or hallucinations. This conflict serves as the premise for Husserl’s methodology of using the epoche as a solution to avoid such errors. In the passage, upon reflection, Husserl declared, “he no longer keep in effect the natural believing in existence involved in experiencing the world.” By that he meant experiences achieved by empirical observations. However he does not wholly reject the idea of empirical belief, suggesting an alternative that can be achieved by his “noticing regard.”

Husserl jumped straight into the solution: “the non-intuitive processes of meaning…” In that one cannot believe in a particular meaning by mere “intuition” as one usually has “position-takings always presuppose the world” that would lead to perceptual errors. We can gather that Husserl was looking for an unbiased and more objective means of treating an experience. To this, he wrote “the philosophically reflective Ego’s abstention from position-takings,” in which such an abstention explicitly refers to the epoche, where position-takings would arise in perceptual errors when observing and formulating an experience. Husserl mentioned that such abstention...
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