Phat Madame Website

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Phat Madame Website

Website Purpose
Team C has researched clothing websites with a desire to create their own website. The website will have the name of Phat Madame. Phat Madame will have many similarities to the following websites:
The websites have similarities
Team C compared the similarities and differences of each website. Some similarities of the websites are unique styling of clothing , each of the websites targeted full figure women; each website had a home page, new arrivals, tops, dresses, pants, skirts, accessories and sale items. The differences in the websites were the return policies, sales, links, shipping policies and site information. Each website helped Team C gain the knowledge need to design a phenomenal website. Purposes of each website

The purpose of each of the above websites is to supply full figure women with her desired look. The desired looks included sexy, business, conservative, summer, winter, spring, and fall. Each website sold clothing for the sizes of 12 – 26 and offered competitive prices. Each website is there to make the full figure woman feel and look like a million bucks. Each website advertises hard to find clothing for full figure women. Using any one of the websites, full figure women can buy any type of sexy trendy clothing just like slender women. Full figure women have always had a hard time finding fashionable clothing in department stores. The above websites have made sure full figure women will have the desired clothing along with the accessories. Purpose of Phat Madame

Phat Madame’s purpose is to insure full figure women a place to shop 365 days a year while offering many assortment of fashions. Phat Madame is designed to make a full figure women feel beautiful and to look beautiful. Phat Madame wants to...
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