Pharmacy Management System

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1.1 Identification ----------------------------------------------------------------------------2 1.2 System Overview.2
1.3 General description2
1.4 Design --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 1.4 Objectives10
1.5 Users10

2. Referenced Documents-10


3.1 External Interfacce---------------------------------------------------------------------11

3.1.1 User Interface------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 3.1.2 Hardware Interface------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 3.1.3 Software Interface-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11

3.2 Functional Requirement11

3.2.1 Data base Design ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 3.2.2 Form Design -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------13


1 Identification

This system is developed to automate data for the organization named Bete Zata Voluntary Counseling and Testing in Awassa town. The system that is going to be developed is concerned with different tasks. For example, it automates data on patients; it records blood test result, records data on trainees etc. It revolves about how patients get service and counseling. It also stores data like patient data, trainees’ data, counselor data, trainer data, etc.

1.2 System overview.

This System is developed with many purposes. Out of its main purposes, it greatly minimizes cost, time and resources by computerizing the manual system.. It will be possible to search in a simple way a specific patient pr trainee among many patients or trainee in a simple way patients based on their ID. ID number is unique to each patient and trainee

1.3 General description

Bete Zata is one of the non governmental organizations established in Ethiopia. This organization has three offices including the two branches in Nazareth and here in Awassa. The main goal of this organization is to treat HIV/AIDS patients in a good manner, to minimize the transmission rate of HIV in Ethiopia by contributing what it is possible. It gives VCT meaning voluntary counseling and testing services. It also provides training for many individuals.

To generalize the main activities done by this organization, let’s see the following paragraph.

In the first step when the patient comes, he will be given a counseling service by the organizations counselor about AIDS, its transmission, its present state, what he should do if he is positive or else negative, shortly. Then he will refer to the examination room and the Doctor will take blood from the patient and tests whether he is positive or negative.

If the result shows ‘he is positive’, the patient’s health condition will be checked. Then he will be given diagnosis parallel to counseling if his health condition is not such good until he recovers from his poor condition. Otherwise he directly goes to the counselor. The counselor will give detail advice for the patient. When the counselor finishes his advice, he will ask the patient wether he is voluntary to take training or not. If he is voluntary he will start the training according to the time schedule of the training process.

If the person is negative after the test, he will be referred to the counselor so that the counselor gives advice for the person so that he should protect himself from HIV. If he has the motive to participate in training he will be registered to the training.

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