Pharaoh and Sphinxes

Topics: Pharaoh, Nubia, Twelfth dynasty of Egypt Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: April 27, 2013
“Sphinxes represent the immense power of the Egyptian king. The human head of this sphinx (sphinx of Taharqa) is adorned with two uraei, the symbols of kingship. The mane around the neck is characteristically carved with care.” It was found in Temple T at Kawa, in upper Nubia (Sudan). The sphinx of Taharqa which is made of granite goes to the twenty-fifth dynasty (c.747-656 B.C). The sphinx has an Egyptian form; however, his facial features seem to be African. The name of Taharqa appears on the chest of the sphinx. His eyelids are not as heavy as the sphinx of Senusret III. The mane around his neck has a kind of decorations which is similar to a lion’s hair.

Senusret III was a pharaoh of Egypt. The sphinx of Senusret III was found in Karnak, Egypt. It goes to the 12th dynasty (1878-1845 B.C). It is made of gneiss. When viewing the sphinx it is recognizable that it is a king for some of the symbols seen on him. Such as, the headdress which is called nemes which was only wore by kings or goddesses, having a cobra on his head which is a symbol of being a king, and the position he is seated in which is a static pose for kings in the Egyptian art. The sphinx of Senusret III has nine different symbols under his head. It also has a beard which is something unusual for sphinxes. His eyelids are heavy. The headdress worn on his head and the beard he has has a kind of decorations which are basically vertical lines.

Both the sphinx of Taharqa and senusret III has the body of a lion and a head of a human which is a symbol of power of the king and is considered as guardians against evil. They both have eyebrows. In the sphinx of Senusret III we can see facial hair which is not seen in the sphinx of Taharqa. The lips of the sphinx of Senusret III seem to be thinner than the lips of the sphinx of Taharqa. They both have symbols under the head. They both have the tail hanging on the right foot. They both have a kind of decoration on the head whether on the mane...
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