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Phaeton has a mother who is a mortal named Clymene, but his mother told him that his real father is the sun god. Phaeton is just a child that time he always told his playmates that his father is the sun god but none won’t listen to him. Summary

The palace of the sun god is a shiny or rather than radiant place. It shone with gold and sparkled with jewels of all kinds. The darkness can’t get there because it so radiant even if you look everywhere there is no darkness. Few has ever found the way to that shining palace but can’t stand seeing too much of it because it is so shiny. But still a youth went to that palace of the sun god daring to see his father. His mother told him that his real father is the son god and this is the reason why Phaeton dared go to that place. He was forced to stop because he cannot endure heat. No one can escape the eyes of the sun god so he saw Phaeton and ask him why he came there. He told the sun god he just want to know if the sun god is really his father because his playmates won’t believe him. Without hesitation the sun god said yes that he is his father and Clymene told him the truth. He gave Phaeton a proof, he told Phaeton he could wish anything he wants in this world and he takes an oath at the river Styx. So Phaeton said to his father he want to ride the sun god chariot for one day. But the sun god tried to persuade him just to wish another wish except from that wish, But Phaeton didn’t change his mind and the sun god knew he cannot break his promise. So he warn Phaeton that if he get too low the land will burn and if he gets to high the beast in the sky will eat him. But still Phaeton go with it, while riding the chariot he gets dizzy and he cannot control the chariot instead the horse controlled the chariot flying low then high with the Orion, the Crab, the Bull and many other beast of the sky. The god gets angry with him because they are burning the whole world; Zeus took his thunderbolt and hit the charioteer....
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