Egyptian Gods

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Sun, Ancient Egyptian religion Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Tyniquwa Singleton

Ms. Dobson

American Literature

November 23, 2012

Ra, the Egyptian God

“My name is Ra

God of the Sun

I have no parents

I grew out of Nun

The sun goes up

I’m born at dawn

The sun sets…

Then I’m gone” (“Egyptian God”)

“In the beginning there was only water a chaos of churning bubbling water.” This is what the Egyptians referred to as Nu or Nun. It was out of Nun that everything began. Ra emerged out of primeval chaos. He came out of a blue giant lotus flower that appeared on the surface of the water. (Creation Myth)

Ra is almost always depicted as a hawk (sometimes falcon) headed man. (“Ra Father of the Gods”) This was a common trait of all Egyptian gods and goddesses; having the body of a human and head of an animal. It usually signified something about their personality. Atop his head like a halo was a solar disk. It resembled the sun; however it was encircled by a cobra. The Egyptians believed that the cobra would spit fire at approaching enemies. It also suggested his fierce and destructive nature. The disk resembled the sun by being round and giving off heat. In one hand he held a scepter and in the other the ankh. The ankh is a symbol of life held by his nostrils so that the breath of eternal life would enter his body. The scepter symbolized power or dominion. (“Gods and Myths of Ancient Egypt”)

Ra was known for many things one of which being his relation to the rising and setting of the sun. Every sunrise and sunset symbolizes his death and rebirth. Each day he begins a journey across the sky. He travels by way of a manjet boat accompanied by a number of other gods. (“Ra Father of the Gods”). He sailed through twelve provinces (12 hours) of daylight and at the end of each day he died and began his journey through the Underworld. When which the moon would shine light on the world. This began his night voyage where he traveled through twelve hour of darkness. “Apep was a demon...
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