Ph Levels Lab Report

Topics: PH, Drinking water, Water Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: November 27, 2011
The relatively close pH levels of Tap Water, Spring Water,
Flavored Water, and Seltzer Water.

This experiment was performed to investigate the following hypothesis: The following four different types of drinking water (spring water, seltzer water, tap water, and flavored water) we test will relatively have the same pH level. Our group decided to test different types of drinking water to see if a pH level of tap water is comparable to other types of water. Many people believe that city water has many chemicals, causing us to form the expirement to see how close the different types of drinking water’s pH levels are. Materials and Methods

For the first part of our exiperiment we used the Red Cabbage Indicator. Red cabbage indicator is made by boiling red cabbage to extract the pigments. The red cabbage is filled with anthocyanins, therefore it can be used for an indicator. The color of the red cabbage indicator changes with different pH levels. We needed a set of standards to compare our red cabbage and water mixtures with. We used seven different test tubes and put one type of pH level in each. The pH levels were pH 2, pH 4, pH 6, pH 7, pH 8, pH 10, and pH 12. In each tube there was ten drops of the pH level using a clean pipette. Next we added five drops of red cabbage using a clean pipette to each test tube, covered it Parafilm, and mixed the test tube. We recorded the color of each. Next we added ten drops of the different types of drinking water using a clean pipette, one type of water in each tube. We then added five drops of the red cabbage indicator to each test tube using a clean pipette, covered it with Parafilm, and mixed the test tube. Since we had the set of standards we were able to compare the colors of the drinking water with the different pH levels, to make an educated guess on what each drinking water’s pH was. After we had the red cabbage indicator expirement done, we tested the actual pH level of each type of drinking...
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