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Topics: PH indicator, Hypothesis, Scientific method Pages: 2 (258 words) Published: August 1, 2011

Submitted by: Bianca Kit
Submitted to: T. Jed Castro


The society is greatly in need of new innovations that would make life easier for people and would not require too much consumption of limited resources. Eco-friendly products are recommended to consumers nowadays due to the constant depletion of natural resources in the country. One innovation that could most probably be of use to students and teachers would be the use of eggplant peelings extract as a pH indicator. It is proposed to turn out to be extremely beneficial to schools, lessening the need to buy costly laboratory equipment such as litmus paper.


I therefore hypothesize that eggplant peelings extract, after meticulous testing and improvising, could be an effective pH indicator.


The color of the eggplant peelings after being dipped in the acid/base, to observe its efficiency in being a pH indicator.It changes depending on the acidity or basicity of the solution it’s dipped into.


The color of the eggplant peelings after dipped in the acid/base, to observe its efficiency in being a pH indicator. It’s also observed to determine its accuracy in indicating the pH.


The acids/bases with pHs which are being determined by the eggplant peelings being dipped in to.

Experimental Design:

The experiment will be conducted by boiling the eggplant peelings in distilled water. Then the extract will be used for indicating the pH of several solutions. The color change would then indicate the result of the experiment.
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