Petrol Bunk

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Back Ground

I am a Post Graduate in Computer Science & Engineering. My Husband is an Engineering Graduate and his name is Saravanan. He owns a business -Vishal Digital Printers, Vishal videos and city channel. He is well known person in Perambalur and in surrounding villages. We are running a City channel from where we got much Rapport. My husband is having good exposure and experience in day to day business. He holds a position of Secretary in Lions Club. I am working as a Head of the Department of Computer science Department in Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Polytechnic College, Perambalur. Moreover I have 6 years experience as a Head of the Department of Computer science. I am taking active part in the management activities and execution, Promoting New projects heading the entire Project wing and I am supervising many professionals. Both my parents are well educated and they always give me a moral support. Since I gained much exposure and experience, I assure you sir that If the dealership is awarded to me I will introduce new schemes in order to catch hold the sales (Via) Gift Schemes, Stationary items inside the outlet. If the dealership is awarded to me I will sell petrol and Diesel in Credit Schemes.

Introduction About the District :

Perambalur District came in to existence after trifurcation of Tiruchirappalli district with effect from 30.09.1995 as per G.O MS.No 913  Revenue / Y3  dated 30.09.1995.  It is bounded on the North by Cuddalore and Salem Districts, South by Tiruchirappalli and Thanjavur, East by Thanjavur District, West by Tiruchirappalli and Salem Districts.  

         As per 2001 Census, the combined total of Ariyalur and Perambalur is 1189170.   The density of population in the district is 322 per Sq.Km.  Perambalur District is centrally located in TamilNadu and is 267 K.M away in southern direction from Chennai. The District has an area of 3691 Sq.Km. spread between 10.54’ and 11.30’ degree Northern latitude and 78.40’ and 79.30’ degree of the Eastern longitude.

        It is an inland district without coastal line. The District has Vellar River in the North and Kollidam River in the South and it has no well marked natural divisions. The PACHAMALAI hill situated on the North of Perambalur is the most important hill in the district.

            The district is fairly rich in mineral deposits.   Celeste,     Lime Stone, Shale, Sand Stone, Canker and Phosphate nodules occur at various places in the district.    A good deal of building stone is quarried in Perambalur, Kunnam and Veppanthattai Taluks.  

            MaduraKaliAmman Temple at Siruvachur , Vaithiyanatha Swamy Temple at Thirumazhapadi , Kaliyuga Varadaraja Perumal Kovil at Kallakurichi and Siva Temple at Jayankonda Cholapuram are the important holy places for the Hindus. Elakurichi 32 Kms from Ariyalur is famous for the Church built by the famous Catholic Missionary Constantino Joseph Besky popularly known as VEERAMA MUNIVAR. The big Mosque at Labbaikudikadu is famous in its own way . The Jayankonda Cholapuram Siva Temple built by Rajendra Chola son of Raja Raja Chola is almost a miniature of Thanjavur Pragadeeswar Temple.  

        Five major Cement factories in the district reveals the abundant deposit of limestone. The availability of Lignite at Jayankondam and near by places is a gift by Mother Nature . At Sathanur 15 Km from Ariyalur we can see a very rare presence of Stone Tree ( FOSSIL ). The Fossil is said to have been a national asset according to Geologists.

            Sugarcane is grown as a major commercial crop. The Public Sector factory Perambalur Sugar Mills at Eraiyur is functioning in the district with a capacity of crushing 3000 Tonnes per Day. The pre-dominate soil in the district is red sanding with scattered packets of black soil . The soil...
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