Peter Browning and Continental White Cap Case Memo

Topics: Time, Thought, Technology Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: May 28, 2012
In this case Peter Browning has got the position of vice president in Continental White Cap Company which was the market leader in the production and distribution of vacuum-sealed metal closures for glass jars. Peter Browning had to make changes in White Cap by taking company to next level in technology and developing of adding a competitive plastic closure technology to stay competitive in the market. Also he needed to change some of the values in the company and its employees who have worked there for years so they could think more “real time” and not the old way when Bob White was leading the company. The main problem that Peter Browning has ran into was to decide how to succeed while doing these changes to the company and how not to destroy their family traditions from the hearts of White Cap employees.

Peter Browning has to show the employees the current situation of the company and try to assure them that the company is slowly losing their customers and positions in the market, that the world started changing very fast and in the real time there are too many competitors to allow employees to work and think like in the old times. That if there will be no changes made to the company than they could lose everything they managed to do during their work at the company. He has to explain and make the employees to believe that changes that are going to occur in the company would help them to regain its leader positions in the market and also will create a friendly and effective working place environment. It should be easy to Peter Browning to deliver his thoughts and ideas to others in the company because he was very ambitious and enthusiastic. According to the case “His own values and beliefs are so strong and well-defined that his primary means of motivation is the instilling of enthusiasm and energy in others to think and believe as he does”. I think that these steps before doing any changes to the company will help Peter Browning to get closer to others...
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