Pet Sounds vs. Rubber Soul

Topics: The Beatles, Brian Wilson, Rubber Soul Pages: 4 (1793 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Sha'rron Shelby
Cynthia Bartles
ENG 104
Essay two Final
“Pet Sounds” vs. “Rubber Soul”
Have you ever heard of the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and the Beatles' Rubber Soul? If not I recommend that you listen to these albums, especially if you love someone. Speaking of these bands there are many differences and similarities when it comes to the love and the friendship that the artists between these two albums. As you can tell the band members has been through many major things throughout their life. Also you can tell that both of the Beach Boys and The Beatles have been through many situations by the way their music is mixed up and by the way the performed during their concerts. From my point of view, I believe the Pet Sounds album was the best between the two albums because it was excellent. I can personally relate to the Pet Sounds album because I'm pretty much going through the same thing with my relationship. Now don't get me wrong the Rubber Soul album was cool but there was a lot of love and affection, and the companionship that was demonstrate throughout the Pet Sounds album that makes me love it so much. Both of the bands have been through plenty of things throughout their lifetime. You can tell that the guys have been going through a cluster of things because of the lyrics and their music choice. Speaking of the albums, in Rubber Soul, “Michelle”, this song is all about being in love with a girl that is French. The lyrics explain that this man is absolutely in love with this woman and he is doing everything possible to show her that. He just wants to inform her that she has nothing to worry about and that he wants to be her everything. He always tells her that he loves her on the account of her being French and because the only words that she understands in English. This guy has proven that he is in love with this woman when he says: “I need to, I need to, I need to.I need to make you see,Oh, what you mean to me.Until I do I'm hoping you willKnow...
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