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Elizabeth Witt
Coughran; 9am
NPR Report

Dave Matthews: ‘A Unique Sort of Love Affair’

In an interview that aired on NPR’s All Things Considered on September 8th, 2012, Guy Raz spoke with the widely known Dave Matthews. Some of the topics discussed in the interview included news and details about his band’s new album being released, as well as the things that have influenced their music, and the relationships between all of the band mates.

In this short but in-depth interview, Guy Raz introduces Dave Matthews as one of the founders of the Dave Matthews Band, a worldwide phenomenon and multi-platinum group whose music has influenced the rock/jam genre as well as all other styles of music. Their new album, Away From the World, is the second they have produced since the death of LeRoi Moore, a founding member of the band. When Raz asked what the meaning behind the album title was, Matthews replied “It kind of is suggesting that all of us are sort of removed from the world, in a way, in our minds. That we're all in the same boat, even though we're sort of locked in our own heads.” The album, according to Matthews, is similar to years past, with stories of love and sexuality, but with new ideas, including the state of the world and where we are all headed, the issues we all face. The songs featured on the album are all wonderfully written, with the intent of portraying the message of having an open mind.

Though this album has a somewhat new sound and all new music, it very much captures the essence of their older albums, including Crash, showing the beautiful and influential songs that the group has been writing and producing for the last twenty-one years. One new song featured in the interview, “Gaucho” is about “[fighting] for what we believe in” among other important ideas. Other songs such as “Sweet” are written about less pressing issues that remain just as influential. As time has gone on, things have changed for the group, and...
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