Pet Lovers' Arguments for Keeping Pets

Topics: Thought, Mind, Animal Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Every time I am walking on the street, I often see people having pets, walking and playing with them. Whenever I see them, I always remember my pets before whom I really love. Just like them, I also play with my pets and I find it fun and enjoyable.

How about you? Did you also have your own pets? How do you feel whenever you are with them? If i ask you this question : "should we keep animals as pets?" , would you say yes?

Probably, you are now having a thought in your mind if it is right to keep animals as pets. Well, me too. I am also wondering about other people's perspectives of why they want to have pets.I want to know their sides about this matter;why keep animals as pets.

While surfing the internet, I came across an article entitled "WHAT ARE ARGUMENTS FOR KEEPING PETS?" which argues that people should have pets.

It is stated in that article that "Many people consider their pets to be members of their family and treat them with love and respect". Well, probably this is more true to those animal lovers who keep their pets at home, give them a good place to live in, enough food to eat and most of all, LOVE.

Love is I think the most important thing that an animal-keeper should give to his or her pet.. It is a bridge that connects the two of them. Giving an animal a food to eat doesn't really show that you love your pet.There must be that mutual feeling between you and your pet that every time you hold it, it responds by giving you a spark in its eyes or simply by sitting in our laps.From that, you can see how much you pet appreciates and feels your care.

I remember the line which i like best in the article. It says that "pets are creatures with whom we share a world." This simple line reflects a big idea; we are both living creatures in this world and we must care with each other. They are animals and we are humans, we are superior than them that's why we are more accountable of caring them. We are given that greater skills and higher level...
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