Pestel Natherlands

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2. External analysis

According to Marcus & Van Dam influence external factors an organization, whether an organization can only limited influence external factors. Therefore is important to analysis the external factors of a company, as they have to be informed about the macro environment in which they cooperate. The macro environment includes the external factors environmental, technological, economical, social, political, cultural, demographical, regulatory, general competitive and legal.

There are many different models for an external analyses one of them called PESTEL model it involved political, economical, social, environmental and legal factors. The PESTEL model illustrates is most important factors, which are relevant for a Media company like TMF. TMF is based in the Netherlands due to the analysis is mainly about the external factors in the Netherlands.


“Technological developments are often called the motor of our economy” (Van Dam, N., & Marcus, J., page 51, 2007) “The technological environment is a force that creates new technologies that create new products and also market opportunities.” (Kotler, page 107, 2009)

New technologies getting introduced all the time, because of the hugh competition between the companies. Technological innovation do not only exist because of completion moreover because to the pursuit “demand for more environmentally friendly goods and services of a higher quality with lower cost price which can be delivered faster and more conveniently.” (Van Dam, N., & Marcus, J., page 51, 2007) Furthermore, is there a continuous improvement of products. As a result is the life span of existing products increasingly shorter than years or decades ago. Which has consequents in the environment and economy.

The Netherlands
In the last decade they’re many new digital applications introduced which opened a new market only for digital technologies. Due to it is a market, which has a big target...
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