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Political- Hong Kong is politically stable, there would rarely be any political factors that will interrupt and slow down the company’s growth. Hong Kong doesn’t have goods and services tax so this allows McDonalds to have lower expenses and they can maximize their profit. The international operations of Mcdonald’s are highly influenced by the individual state policies enforced by each government. Economic- The economic collapse has caused Hong Kong to enter the recession stage in the economic cycle. Therefore the demands for low price food increase tremendously and this benefited McDonald, since the foods are cheap and the quality is guaranteed. Inflation has caused McDonald to raise meal price, in long term, as inflation raised to a point that it will be too expensive and McDonald will lose its large customer base. But still Mcdonald’s is still a market leader and it got a very (high)large target market.low cost more incomes. The rate at which the economy of that particular state grows determines the purchasing power of the consumers in that country. Social- McDonald is a fast food restaurant company so they can perform their services in a short period of time and this fits with the fast paced lifestyle in Hong Kong. In the past few years Hong Kong people are more aware of healthy eating, so they stay away from high calories and high cholesterol food. McDonald tries to prevent the loss of customer by adding healthier food in the menu such as salads sweet corn. Working within many social groups. Increase employments.

Technology- Hong Kong has a well developed transportation system, especially the airport that has airlines that connects to different part of the world. Their food supplies can be delivered from all around the world in a short period. Computers and smart cashiers are used by the employees so they would not get confused and they are provided with customized database management system. They also have Wifi provide in every McDonalds...
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