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From the time we wake up in the morning to the moment we lay are head down at night, we are constantly making choices. Some take a conscious effort, some should, and some do not. Have you ever taken the time to really stop and think if you’re giving the correct amount of attention to the right choice? I’m here today to ask you to be more conscious of what you eat. I’m going to discuss health reasons, effect of food advertisements, reading food labels, and fad diets. Let’s start off by talking about America’s health crisis.

I. Number one reason to be conscious of your eating habits is to watch out for your health. A. Obesity is the number two cause of preventable death according to the behavioral risk factor surveillance system (CDC, 2010) 1. In 2005-2006 67% Americans 20 years or older were overweight or obese(CDC, 2010). 2. Being overweight or obese leads to increased risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes and many others(Insel, 2006) 3. Can be prevented by monitoring how many calories you eat and how much daily activity you perform. B. In 2007 23.6 million people had been diagnosed with diabetes (CDC, 2010). 1. 90-95% of them had type II (mayo clinic, 2009)

2. Diabetes can be prevented by consuming a variety of foods, controlling portions, getting adequate fiber, and 30 minutes of moderate exercise (mayo clinic, 2009)

II. Advertisements are affecting our food choices.
A. I believe that if we are more aware of what we are seeing and hearing in ads, we can control how food advertisements effect us 1. Media sometimes sensationalizes and over-simplifies nutrition related topics to increase viewers and products sales (Insel, 2006) B. Most ads promote food that is high in calories, fats and sugars (CSPI, 2009). 1. 90% of commercials on Saturday morning programs are promoting junk food or fast food(CSPI, 2009) 2. Only 2% of all commercials are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains (CSPI, 2009)

III. Reading labels is the number one step to being more conscious of your food choices. A. Pay attention to the ingredient
1. The ingredients listed are always in descending order according to the amount by weight used in the product. 2. It is best to choose the food product with the least ingredients and you should know what those ingredients are because these foods are the least processed (Wright). 3. Best to avoid food that contain dyes because it is the same dyes used in materials (Wright). a. Some common food dyes such as yellow 5 and red 40 have been linked to hyperactivity, impulsivity, learning difficulties, and ADHD in children (CSPI, 2009). b. There are plenty of natural dyes such as beta carotene, beet root red, and paprika that can be used (CSPI, 2009). B. Health claims are not the same as function claims.

1. Health claims are FDA regulated where as function claims are not (Wright). 2. A health claim simply states that a food is high in a nutrient such as calcium or fiber; function claim states that the food will do something such as burn fat or boost immunity. 3. This means that function claims are not always true because they have not been thoroughly tested.

IV. Be aware that fad diets are not the answer to healthy nutrition; only lifestyle changes are. 1. According to the American heart association (2010), fad diets are not nutritionally balanced. a. They mostly focus on one food or nutrient which defeats the number one principle of nutrition: eat a wide variety of food. b. It is not possible to get all your nutrients from one food (AHA, 2010). i. Carbohydrates are needed for energy.

ii. Protein to needed create hormones such as insulin.
iii. Fat needed to keep us warm and protect organs.
2. Diana Wright, registered dietitian, says that fad diets lack exercise, claim unrealistic weight loss, and aren’t based on facts.

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