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Que’s Shoes
Que’s Shoes

Que’s Shoes Inc
1232 Cash shoe’s Dr
Macon, Ga 30123

Dear Potential Customers

Q’ shoes sell running, tennis, casual, and basketball shoes. We are customer focused, so that means we are continuously improving the quality, the looks, the feel, and image of our products. Our organizational Structures will match and exceed customers’ expectations to provide them with the best quality. Our shoes are specially made for running motion, quick pace, flexible running, and a comfortable fit. Our shoe provides maxima support to protect the foot while in running motion, playing tennis, out on the town, or playing basketball. We also sell wide shoes, which give the foot; room to expand depending on the motion the foot is in at that point in time. These shoes are built to be a good brand for track teams, basketball players, tennis courts, and everyday good walking support.

As a company we stand be hide our brand by making sure that you, as a customers are satisfied with the product you have chosen to purchase. As a customer you are able to return this product up to two years, no matter if you have worn them or not, as long as you have a receipt. Our shoes are built to last approximately 5 years when taking care of properly. Our job is to make this shoe brand less inexpensive as possible, so our consumer will be able to afford them. Our brand values are unique to us. Our values have created a strong foundation for how we act and interact with ourselves, our consumers, athletes and the world. When we make decisions that affect our brand, we use our values to help us decide what is right or wrong. Like our past and current success, our future success will be largely decided by how well we keep these brand values alive.

There is continuous innovation in every area of our business from product technologies that help athletes perform better to communications that help athletes understand our brand and products. New ideas...
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