Persuasive Essay Animal Tesing

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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For centuries animals have been experimented on for human benefits. People tend to forget that millions of animals are being tortured and even killed during the process of these extremely painful experiments. There are many other, more humane ways to test products that do not result in animals being harmed. For years now millions of helpless animals are suffering for our benefits. It is not fair for these harmless animals to live their entire lives in agony. Bleeding, blindness, liver problems, and ulceration, these are just some of the serious side effects of animal testing. The animals go through days and days of painful experiments, only to result in their deaths. About 50% of the animals used in these experiments die within the first two weeks and only 31% of those are euthanized to stop their suffering. “Beauty is pain” is a phrase that is commonly heard. But this saying has a whole new meaning in cosmetic testing labs where animals are being tested on all around the globe. Most women do not think twice when buying a cosmetic product. When girls put on their mascara in the morning I doubt they wonder “which animal suffered to make this?” The truth that no one wants to face is that the human race is extremely selfish. Are cosmetic products that important that we need to kill innocent animals just so we can safely wear them? Testing cosmetics on animals is not necessary. There are many others ways to test products that would not result in animals being harmed. Technology has become so advanced; scientists could run their tests through computers instead of testing on animals. The way in which animals and humans react to their environments, both physiologically and behaviorally, can be drastically different compared to humans. Animals have smaller blood vessels than humans that are distributed differently throughout their bodies. Makes you wonder why scientists in the testing labs bother testing on animals in the first place. Animals are living creatures that...
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