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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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The reflection on into the wild
“Into the wild” is a novel in which has been written by Jon Krakauer. The novel depicts the travels and adventures of Chris McCandless across North America and Alaska. Chris McCandless originally came from the wealthy family and was raised surrounded by the advantaged environment. He then graduated University of Alaska with decent grades and attitudes. His parents wished Chris to go to the law school of Harvard. However, he refused their demand and felt disgusted with his parents who gave him anything by money. And he decided to abandon his ID and donated his school expenses to the charity in order to go into the wild in Alaska. Through his travels, he had contacts with various range of people and found out the beauty of nature and real meaning of life. Although he ultimately was killed because of the starvation, he obviously ended his life with the full of happiness.

The new world he decided to go was enormously far from the world where everything is mechanized. I love Chris’s audacity, idea of burning money and abandoning his car. The readers are able to feel his determination. If I were Chris, I would hesitate to make such actions. I was impressed by his braveness. And his characteristic motivated me for becoming braver and more fearless as Chris. I was also moved by the action that the parents took when they went to the bus in which Chris used to live during his adventure, and left some food that says “call your parents” on for the next adventurous people. This episode made me think twice about the relationship between parent and child. It remained me that the parents are always there for their children. And they are always there looking at their children whether they are doing well. I would not be able to take in what Chris has done to their parents. No matter how someone wishes to do something that he or she is excited, there is no idea of breaking off the relation with your parents. Looking from this aspect,...
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