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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Discuss how the meaning of the term ‘Persuasion’ is explored by Austen.

Persuasion: to persuade or of being persuaded to do or believe in something, is a term Austen has used in various ways within ‘Persuasion’. Through the robust characterisations of characters and the dynamics of their situations and relationships, Austen moulds conclusions in how we are persuaded and why we are turned to believe in something different. In how the characters are persuaded or in differed to others suggestions, Austen exemplifies and asks whether it is better to be firm in one's convictions or to be open to the suggestions of others. Austen’s exploration of persuasion unseals strong views and values through the characters and their relations and situations. Austen uses Anne Elliot as the protagonist of the novel playing off her relationship dynamics between her family relations and past and present situations between other parties. As the heroine of the novel, Anne's perspective is closely associated with that of the narrator's and in extension the views and values of Austen are seen through the eyes of Anne. Austen demonstrates how we are most influenced and more vulnerable to persuasion from those whose opinion is held to the highest regard. The use Anne’s status within her family as “nobody with either father or sister: her word had no weight; her convenience was always to give away; - she was only Anne” to further enhance Austen’s view of how without acknowledged weight to one’s opinion, suggestions hold no authority in persuading another’s heart or mind. In contrast to Anne’s relationship with her father, Austen exerts an alternative character to which the advice of Lady Russell is held with high regards to Anne. Lady Russell portrayed as one of the Elliots' most highly valued family friends to serve as adviser and friend on a daily basis. Lady Russell's influence on Anne is a positive one; however, she places too much emphasis on such values as rank, family, and...
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