Perspectives on Music

Topics: Sociology, Social status, Music genre Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: April 28, 2013
The article it’s mainly about an investigation of the influence of social and cultural factors in the different patterns of music taste. The author choose a sample from the Dutch population in order to study the social influence in this matter, having as a result that people with access to higher education are more likely to be omnivores as quoted below. “They find that the higher (occupational) status groups, as a group — that is, at the aggregate level — tend to appreciate more musical genres than the Sower-status groups” (Peterson and Simkus 1992) The difference where not so easy to identify so In order to explain how higher and lower social classes respond to music Koen Van eijck also divided the music in tree different groups (Highbrow, pop and folk).

In the article Highbrow is to be liked by people who enjoy the aesthetic, the art, nature and beauty of the music itself; this group in the majority formed by the higher social status groups especially the old members. In the other hand pop is related to be more of a cultural experience, able to offer the listener intense pleasure and emotional gratification, this group is commonly found among younger people. Finally folk group, finally, is more about integration, is related to create a feeling of placement and is normally found in older people from the lower social groups. Eijick creates tree hypothesis for the music taste patterns the first evolving the education, the second refers to the status groups and the third involves the attitude of the person to the music. Eijick concludes that indeed education and status have a grate influence in whether someone is omnivore or not about different music genres. In my opinion, Eijick has succeeded not only identifying some the factors that affect musical tastes but also in confirming them with the appropriate experimentation. I think that these factors alone wouldn’t be enough to accurately determine peoples music tastes there are much more factors that should...
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