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* It is a state of mind and emotions affecting the attitude and willingness to work, which in turn, affects individual and organizational objective (Theo Haimann) * It is expressed in self-confidence, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, discipline, and willingness to perform assigned tasks and/or loyalty to a cause or organization. * It flows from the people's conviction about the righteousness or worth of their actions and the hopes of high rewards (material or otherwise) in the future

Morale affects output, the quality of a product, costs, co-operation, enthusiasm, discipline, initiative and other ingredients of success. It resides in the minds and emotions of individuals and in the reactions of their group or groups. It also affects an employee’s or a group’s willingness to work and cooperate in the best interests of the individuals, groups and the organization for which they work. It affects the employees and executives in their interactions. Ultimately, it affects the consumers and the community.

Measurement of Morale
Morale is an intangible and subjective concept it cannot be directly measured or evaluated. A properly designed program has, therefore, to be utilized to test the morale of individuals in an organization. Some examples of these measures are: * Observation

* General Meetings
* Questionnaires
* Company records and Reports
* Speaking with departing personnel
* Outside Consultants

Indicators of Low Morale
* Work place conflicts / Trouble with the supervisor
* Absenteeism/ Lateness
* Stress
* Performance shortcomings / Wastage and Spoilage
* Lack of pride in work
* High labor turnover.
Causes of Poor Morale of Employees
* Pessimism / Lack of Interest
* Discouragement/ Put Down / Unfairness
* Poor Motivation
* Lack of Planning ,Caring , Concern, Team Work , Respect, Recognition, and Trust Improving Morale
Research indicates that the number one cause of conflict and low morale at work is the way the people communicate with each other. Communicate! , is a program of continuous morale boosting communication and education for all employees. There’s only one way to know how good morale really is in the company, ask the people who work there.

As Human Resources, it is one of our responsibilities is making sure that employees have a high morale and to continuously improve employees morale. Some of the ways are: * Have a effective Communication program

* Conduct Review meetings
* Conduct Counseling
* Make sure that employees have Job satisfaction
* Encourage active participation from all employees
* Promote Friendly atmosphere within the company
Some of the Effective tools to build and improve Morale are: * Motivation - encouragement
* Team building – promotes teamwork and trust
* Make time for people – shows that company or management cares about its people * Provide regular feedback – to show interest and recognition * Training and Development
* Provide Leadership
* It is the process by which Inner Striving Condition which activates or moves individual into action and continues him in the course of action enthusiastically. * It is the art of stimulating someone or oneself to take desired course of action. * It means process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goals. Motivation is the driving force in our lives. It comes from a desire to succeed. Without success there is little pride in life. No enjoyment or excitement at work or at home.

Motivation is different from Inspiration, wherein Motivation is a change in action while Inspiration is a change in thinking.
Motive as an inner-state that energizes activities and directs the behavior of individuals towards certain goals. Principles of motivation
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