Personality and Management

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology, Personality type Pages: 7 (2540 words) Published: March 6, 2012
Personality and Management
Sarah Doucette
December 7, 2011
Mgt 326

The purpose of this paper was to explore personality and management. I wanted to find information on personalities. Then relate those to the characteristics of a manager. I also interviewed my neighbor on her findings or personalities in the workplace. I also used my experience how being a foreman, and the use of the role as a manager.

There are different many types of people in the world. Everyone has different personalities. Personality is the combination of characteristics a person has. These characteristics are physical and mental. They can help explain how a person thinks, feels, and acts in different situations, and towards different people. Personality is what makes people unique. It is another way how people differentiate from others by how and why they behave the way they do. Since people are so different, bringing them together in a workplace creates a very unique organization. With people thinking, feeling, and acting differently together, there are advantages and disadvantages. It is not easy at times, but with the right manager with the right skills, and knowledge, it will be a success. A manager is someone who supports and leads the work done by other people in an organization. It is their duty to oversee the work efforts done by other people. It should be a manager’s goal to achieve the organization’s goals through other people. This is done by making sure there is coordination, the team understands the tasks and goals at hand, step in when necessary, and help motivate to achieve the goals. Managers deal with employees of various personalities and need to deal with their needs, as well as the organization’s needs. After learning and understanding personality and different traits. We can explore the style, and skills to see the correlation of personality and management, and what it takes to be a good manager. There are many different personality traits. The big five personality traits that are recognized in organizational behavior research are: 1. Extraversion

2. Agreeableness
3. Conscientiousness
4. Emotional Stability
5. Openness to Experience (Schermerhorn, pg.17)
Extraversion is outgoing, sociable, and assertive. Agreeableness is trusting and cooperative. Conscientiousness is responsible, dependable, and persistent. Emotional stability means being secure and relaxed. Openness to experience is being curious and imaginative. Dealing with different personality traits can be very difficult. It is necessary to handle different personality traits accordingly. I don’t have much job experience, especially as a manager. My neighbor worked for the state of Connecticut for over twenty years. She mainly worked in Rocky Hill Veterans Hospital as a Head Nurse. She dealt with working and being in charge of many different people, and personalities. Since of her position, and time I interviewed her on the topic. I learned that you have to approach individual differently. At times it can be difficult to step back and use an appropriate approach to each person working. Everyone is different. They differentiate in how they think, feel, act, and the skills they possess. During busy times if your approach isn’t appropriate, your point may not get across, or projects won’t be handled correctly. The main personality traits she dealt with at work were the considerate, aggressive, analyst, sensitive, and brainiac. These are not the only personality traits. There are many. These were mainly the traits my neighbor dealt with, and that we discussed. The considerate trait is of a person who is nice, calm, and has an optimistic point of view. They get things done with a few errors, but it may take them longer to complete the task. She learned it was best to approach them calmly, and be direct. The aggressive type likes to control...
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