Personality and Consumer Behavior

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“ A preference is an inborn tendency to be, act, or think in a certain way. While we do change and grow, and may seem to be different at various times in our lives, our basic personality style remains the same”

Jan is a practical person who likes to repair automobiles and prefers any job where he doesn’t have to be behind a desk all day.

Karen is inquisitive person who enjoys solving problems that require a lot of research.

Kathy is compassionate person who enjys helping others.

Your personality is a consistent style of behaviors and emotional reactions that are present from infancy onward, developing as a result of heredity and environmental experiences. ---------------------------------------------

What is personality? – those inner psychological characteristics that both determine and reflect how a person responds to his or her environment.

The emphasis on inner characteristics – those specific qualities, attributes, traits, factors and mannerisms that distinguish one individual from another individual.

The deeply ingrained characteristics that we call personality is likely to influence the individual’s product choices: they affect the way consumers respond to marketer’s promotional efforts. Therefore, the identification of specific personality characteristics associated with concumer behaviour has proven to be highly useful in the development of a firm’s market segmentation strategies.

How do you describe your personality?


1 Personality reflects individual
2 Personality is consistent and
3 Personality can change

1 Personality reflects individual
differences –individuals are a unique; no two are alike. However, individuals may have similar traits which enable them to be group into segments and products can be targeted according to the trait. Ex. a person who has a high ethnocentrism (willing to accept foreign product) is a trait.

2 Personality is consistent and
It is predictable and lasting. Although marketers cannot change consumers’ personalities to conform to their products, they can attempt to appeal to the relevant traits inherent in their target group of consumers. However, behaviour can change according to other factors like psychological, environmental or situational. Pressures from group may cause a person to switch to a new brand.

3 Personality can change
Under certain circumstances, personalities can change - major life events such as marriage, childbirth, death of a parent, change in job.

Personality chg also in response to gradual maturing of age.


1 Freudian Theory
2 Neo-Freudian Theory
3 Trait theory

1 Freudian Theory
Sigmund’s Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality. This theory says that unconscious needs and drives esp. sexual and other biological drives are at the heart of human motivation and personality. This is base on Freud’s theory on the basis of patient’s recollections of early childhood experiences, analysis of their dreams and the specific nature of their mental and physical adjustment problems.

Id, Superego and Ego

Id is conceptualised as the warehouse of primitive or instinctual needs for which individual seeks immediate satisfaction. Basic physiological needs such as thirst, hunger and sex for which the individual seeks immediate satisfaction.

Superego is conceptualised as the individual’s internal expression of society’s moral and ethical codes of conduct. The role of superego is to see that the individual satisfies needs in a socially acceptable fashion. Superego restrains or inhibits the impulsive forces of the id.

Ego is the individual’s conscious control. It functions as an internal monitor that attempts to balance the impulsive demands of the id and the sociocultural constraints of the superego. freud emphasize that an individual’s personality is formed as he or...
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