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Guideline Notes for Assignment 1 Essay: Critically analyse one concept of Organisational Behaviour and its various aspects in the context of individual behaviour. Being critical is not about merely making black and white decisions. It means using your judgement on matters that are different shades of grey. This implies that criteria need to be used in ascertaining what it is you want to say about whatever it is that is being adjudicated upon. Assignment 1 is a critical analysis of a concept and various aspects of it in the context of individual behaviour. Analysis is breaking down the concept, like motivation, attitudes, or job satisfaction –any one of the seven mentioned in the course outline under weeks 2-5 will do. In language lab today, Week 2, we searched internet and library for references (textbooks and journals). As a guide, in an assignment at this level I would expect to see as a minimum between 10-15 references, with about 25-30% being texts and the remainder references to journal articles). When a reference is found that may be important or useful then take a note of this, say, in a list using word. Next, take notes of any reaction (agreement and/or disagreement and why) to what these authorities are saying. After that, write a rough content outline. Following on from this reflect on the structure of the essay. Below is a possible structure for the essay. Of course, other structures are possible. At this point write a first draft. In this draft weave the content into and through the structure, remembering to keep both fairly fluid at this stage. Next, write up a second draft that is firmer, checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Keep most paragraphs more or less 6-10 lines long; never longer than eleven lines. Make sure there are no follow-on sentences by breaking down long sentences into simpler sentences. Take the words needed to say what needs to be said. To carry on with what was being said in the above about structure, the structure...
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