Personal Vision Paper

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Individual project

Hogeschool Utrecht
Marshall Frans

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Workbook assignments

Today I decided to stay at home, I feel a bit under the weather and I have lots of homework to do. First I made an schedule for me and my class so we can learn more effectively for our exams. Then I started to make my homework for business administration for tomorrow and know I am writing this of course. In the evening I will keep an eye on my sister because my mother is working.

Assignment 1: Clarifying expectations

What I expect from my professional future?
While getting older you travel to different stages of life, and for a long time in your life you only dream of things you would like to become. For instance, when I was just a little boy around the age of eight I dreamed about becoming the president of The Netherlands. My teacher would always say wake up! Stop living in this fantasy world be realistic. But I kept on dreaming about becoming something important. I looked up to people with important jobs, how they communicate or give presentations and speeches to enormous crowds. That inspired me. But there comes a time when you are forced to stop dreaming at least when you are awake. And that moment came when I left high school. I began to realize that the time to think about my future profession had arrived. I had to think about a job and make that right choice, and then you realize that it is not that easy as: I want to be a doctor, pilot or even a president. You have to choice different paths, will I become a doctor or an economist and you realize you can’t be both. And you ask yourself the question, what do I want to be when leaving school? And you ask that question over and over again and it becomes more and more important as you grow older. I became really confused and then I decided to stop and think about what I always wanted when I was little. Travel, communicate and learn economic I knew that I had to combine these prefers in too one job. So I decided to study International Business and Management. And therefore I expect for my professional future to, travel, network, and go in to politics and do economics. I have no glue of what job I will have specifically because my ambitions are too high. What do I expect from my study?

I expect for my study to teach me how to communicate effectively with others, I believe that is one of the most important traits you need to master before going in the business world. I also expect from my study to of course teach me economics, law and organization theories so I will be able to help others and myself during my work. Furthermore I expect to have great and interesting lectures and teachers. And I hope that I’ll stay motivated and my classmates friendly. What do you expect from the ‘individual project’ course? I hope to learn how to really be proactive, and learn strategies on how to be more effective in what I do and to have a clear goal in mind.

Assignment 2: Create a collage representing your image of a business professional

Leadership: This is an important trait a professional must have. To be a leader you need to know how things should be done, why they are done and how they are done. You also need the courage and vision to accomplish it. They must be capable of taking others along with them and be an living inspiration for others to follow. People relationships: A leader ought to have excellent human relationship skills, if not his colleagues will not follow him. Integrity: A professional should be trust worthy, fair and honest when dealing with all kinds of people either in his organization or outside his organization. Quality: A professional must always deliver the best possible products. And by that we not only...
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