Personal Values Analysis

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  • Published : August 10, 2008
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Ones values and principles are a vital part of communication. Some of those values we consider to be more important than others and the importance of those values are frequently put up to the test. There are times when we encounter circumstances where those values are challenged and we are required to make a decision which values override others. Such as situation where two or more of ones values diverge is known as a ‘value conflict’ and the resolution to such a conflict differs from one individual to another.

I think that like with many other things in life, values most frequently become apparent and valuable after one has lost them. Like many young individuals, I needed to lose what I had before I realized how much I had and became not only aware of what truly mattered to me, but also realized what was really important. Today, I believe that the things or values that are most important in my everyday life are self-respect, happiness, courtesy, honesty, my family and personal freedom. When it comes to prioritizing those, I think that in order for one to be happy, one needs to be able to practice self-respect, various freedoms, as well as courtesy and honesty towards others. I took me a long time to realize that self-respect needs to be the most important value to me since I have began to believe that if one cannot take care of oneself and accept oneself for who they are, then it is difficult to positively reflect onto others, such as ones family and friends. However, while all of those values are very important to me, there are times when certain circumstances lead to one value overriding another. For example, I believe that giving respect and being courteous towards others is an essential part of my being as well as my personal satisfaction and happiness. However, if my personal freedoms are threatened by someone else, then my personal freedoms would override my other values of being courteous towards others. While I greatly promote courtesy towards...
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