Value Conflict

Topics: Conflict, Morality, Sociology Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: October 29, 2012
One of the many different types of conflict is a Value Conflict. When it comes to conflict, differing values can become a big issue that can be very difficult to resolve. A value can be described as “beliefs that people use to give meaning to their lives”(Types of Conflict). A Value can explain what one person considers right and wrong or good and bad and includes cultural differences, morals and opinions. But when people’s values differ, conflict arises and difficulty solving the conflict can lead to a lack of cohesion or miscommunication within a group. This type of conflict usually arises because people believe strongly in their own values. These views are very stable and lead to an unwillingness to compromise or negotiate with others (Maiese). Value conflicts can arise from misunderstandings of words and actions, mistrust of group members, strained or hostile communication, and stereotyping of others beliefs (Maiese). A Value conflict most commonly arises when one tries to force their beliefs on others or when one is close-minded about somebody else’s values and beliefs. However, differing values don’t always have to cause conflict, it is possible for people to work together and accomplish tasks even with different value systems (Types of Conflict). Value conflict can be avoided through a few different actions. One way is new forms of communication; many value conflicts are caused by a lack understanding and by explaining your values or ideas in a different way that others can understand conflict will be avoided. This includes anything from using examples to story telling. Another way is by reframing or redefining the problem or task at hand. This way the group can focus more on the interests of the group rather than the differences in values of the group. The third way is through dialogue of a group. This emphasizes the importance of getting to know the members of the group and understanding each other’s differences and commonalities. This includes...
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