Personal Values

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  • Published : June 24, 2010
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Personal Values Development
Personal Values Development
The development of personal values occurs over a lifetime of living and experiences. What are personal values? What sources shape and influence those values? What criteria and decision making may be used to reshape our personal values? What impact do personal values have in the workplace and on workplace performance? This paper will address these issues from a personal perspective. Personal Values

What are personal values? First, many often confuse values and ethics. The terms are not interchangeable but they also do not exist separately from each other. Ethics refers to standards of conduct that indicate how one should behave based on moral duties and virtues derived from the principles of right and wrong. Personal values concern the various beliefs and attitudes that determine how a person actually behaves. (Menlo School, n.d.). Williams (n.d.) stated “Our personal values are our convictions regarding what we believe is important and desirable.” (para. 5). Personal values are the things that are most important to us, the things that motivate us, and the things that must be true in order for us to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Values are psychological. Values are not something that can be seen or touched, but they are every bit as real as if you could. Personal values play a role in the decisions each of us make and help guide our lives. Several personal values important to me are honesty, simplicity, respect, and concern for others.

Honesty is one of the most fundamental values in life. According to Josephson (n.d.), honesty involves both communication and conduct. Honesty in communications involves being truthful and sincere. Candor, frankness, and forthrightness are important aspects of honesty in communications. Honesty in conduct requires playing by the rules, not cheating, stealing, conducting fraud, or resorting to subterfuge or other tricks. Simplicity

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