Personal Supervisory Platform

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  • Published: July 9, 2013
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Personal Supervisory Platform
Educational leadership has changed and evolved through the years as a result of dramatic changes in the school culture, student demographics, environment, science, technology, and economy. Given the complexity and unpredictability of the demanding challenges to educate all children, prospective school leaders may find it desirable to define their own beliefs about instructional supervision and evaluation as they prepare for the rigor of school leadership practice. While enacting supervision, a supervisor is guided by certain values, assumptions, beliefs, and opinions that support the purpose and process of supervision (Sergiovanni & Starratt, 2006). This can be described as the supervisor’s platform of supervision. The supervisor’s platform provides an opportunity for you to share the philosophy that undergirds your practice and your supervisory goals. For your final course assessment, you will need to develop an individual platform for supervision and evaluation addressing beliefs about supervising in an educational setting.

A critical goal of the course is to help you develop principles for successful supervision. These principles can be stated as part of a Personal Supervisory Platform. The espoused platform for supervision should explicitly convey your purposes for supervision and evaluation, major beliefs that relate to your practices in delivering supervision and evaluation of teaching, and specific strategies you use to accomplish your purposes. Incorporate what you have learned about your personal philosophy of education and research-based best practices for effective supervision and evaluation. In your effort to clarify your own beliefs about school leadership, conclude with explicit implications for personal practice in the supervision and evaluation of teaching. In addition to the textbook, support your position with citations from relevant readings in the literature on instructional...
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