Professional Supervision

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Supervision Theory
Relevant to Unit 511 in the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in Health & Social Care Services Supervision has been defined as: “an accountable process which supports, assures and develops the knowledge, skills and values of an individual, group or team. The purpose is to improve the quality of their work to achieve agreed objectives and outcomes. In social care and children’s services this should optimise the capacity of people who use services to lead independent and fulfilling lives”. (National Occupational Standard on Supervision developed by Skills for Care and Development and CWD Supervision has its origins in social work and casework, but it was also developed during the growth of charitable social agencies in Europe and America in the nineteenth century. This involved the overseeing and training of large numbers of volunteers and later, paid workers who had responsibility for visiting and helping families in need. The person assigning cases and supervising the volunteers was call the ‘Overseer’ or ‘Supervisor’ and they were responsible for ensuring the work done was of a good standard. Supervision can also be seen down through history in the concept of the apprentice learning from a master. The scope and purpose of supervision covers a range of areas such as: * Effective workload management

* Monitoring of individual performance and quality of service provided * Reflection and guidance on focus of work and methods used * Ensuring commitment to positive outcomes and effective working with others * Maintaining motivation and job satisfaction through clarity on work objectives, positive feedback, critical reflection, personal support and continuing personal and professional development * Positive impact on staff retention and continuity of service * Integral part of performance management arrangements

There needs to be a clear commitment within the organisation to quality supervision and people need to be...
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