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Topics: Hong Kong, Music, College Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: December 4, 2012
To create and maintain the reputation of the clients is challenging and ever changing. A career involving unexpected changes and inevitable twists appeals to me, far more than a life of routine ever can.

It is always true language and culture are vital for communication. This is the reason why I once was a Science student in secondary school but I chose Arts Program as my Associate degree. The courses now I am studying prominently consolidate my knowledge of language and culture. In addition, I have been learning Japanese for four years. I consider these as my distinct advantages which will embark my future career in public relations.

Music is an inseparable part of my life. I enjoy music concerts regularly. Most of the times I would pay attention to the way the organizations promoted and advertised and think about the reasons why the concerts would attract so many audiences. Piano and Chinese flute are the musical instruments I have been learning since I was small. Being the captain of the Chinese Orchestra in secondary school gave me precious and particular experiences. The Chinese Orchestra holds annual concert in school every year. At the year when I was the captain, the concert was held by having a joint-school event. My job was to keep in touch with captains from other schools, invite alumni to take part in the event and invite reporters from local newspaper offices to enjoy the concert. That was the first time I found that being a PR was challenging and I was fascinated by it.

As a music performer, I once had a chance to perform in a Hong Kong artist, Aaron Kowk’s concert. The manager and other staff from Mr. Kowk’s team were devoted to reveal the most charming parts of Mr. Kwok to his fans and audiences. When I saw the smiles on the staff’s faces, I admired them from the bottom of my heart. Since then, I have had many chances to work as a volunteer for some public relations agents and helped to hold event, such as local concerts for both local...
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