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What you want to study at university and why
* Specific aspects of the courses that interest you
* Examples of coursework you have completed
* Practical work you have enjoyed
* Books, articles, etc. you have read related to the subject area * Work experience or voluntary work in this area
* Conferences you have attended
* Personal experiences that lead to the decision to take this subject * Where you hope a degree in this subject will take you in the future * Experiences that show you are a reliable and responsible person * Part-time job

* Business enterprise
* Community and charity work
* Sixth form committee
* Helping out at school events and open days
* Young Enterprise, World Challenge, Duke of Edinburgh award, Asdan Award, Debating societies, and what you have gained from these experiences. Your interests and skills
* What you like to do in your free time
* Sport and leisure activities
* Subjects you study that are not examined
* Musical instrument(s) you play
* Languages you speak
* Prizes you have won or positions achieved in your interests From the personal statements you have just read through, you may have gathered the following guidelines: * Don’t sound arrogant and pretentious

* Try to have an interesting phrase or paragraph to start and finish on * Try not to quote books, magazines or publications in a way that makes it sound like you’ve only read them to put them on your statement. * Do not lie outright and stay as close to the truth as possible * Don't try to be funny or make jokes in your statement

* Don't start every sentence with I
* Don't include your hobbies and interests unless they are relevant * Don't use vocabulary you don't normally use and just looked up in a dictionary * Don't use famous quotes in your statement unless you back them up with information on how and why this person’s quote influenced you. Dropping them in just for the sake of it makes you look silly and that you haven’t given serious thought to your personal statement. * Don't repeat things already on your UCAS form, e.g. predicted exam grades. * With the exception of a gap year, don't make claims you are going to do something before you come to university * Don't include clichés

* Don't take any political or religious viewpoints.

write down a list of words or sentences you would like to use like this: * to gain greater understanding of the world around you
* sends a signal to prospective employers and graduate schools * students of economics become problem-solvers
* the fact is economics affects our daily lives
* a challenging and diverse discipline
* develops analytical skills, quantitative skills, research skills * it is interesting and relevant
Another approach is to split up your notes into a few categories and write a paragraph on each category. For example: * Paragraph 1: Introduction to the subject, the aspects you’re interested in and why * Paragraph 2: What you have done related to the subject that isn’t already on your UCAS form * Paragraphs 3 and 4: Work experience placements and relevant activities at school * Paragraph 5: Your interests outside of school, particularly those that show you are a responsible and reliable person * Paragraph 6: Your goal of attending university and a memorable closing comment In our opinion it's best to start with why you want to take your subject, and finish with why you want to go to university or what you want to do afterwards.

Before you begin, take a look at the websites and prospectuses of the universities you are applying to, and see if they say anything about writing personal statements.  Along with writing about what you've done, try and explain why you did it, or what you think you learned from it.For example:

I currently have a part time job and this has taught me about teamwork, responsibility and time...
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