Personal Space

Topics: Behavior, Communication, Sociology Pages: 9 (3272 words) Published: February 20, 2013
I. Introduction

An individual's self- concept is the core of his personality. One’s perception affects every aspect of human behavior: the person’s ability to learn, the capacity to grow and change. For every act an individual makes, he or she manifests what character he or she has. One certain person displays his own image through the conveyance of his behavior towards another. It is a mutual process wherein the receiver responds and takes action to the approach of the sender. Our thinking and behavior during interaction are always in anticipation of a response. This certain behavior that we use in order to attain interaction can be a positive or a negative one. At times, it can act as a defense and a way of concealing motives and thoughts.

Human behavior is observed in the branch of Psychology to gain more knowledge that would contribute to an understanding of a certain culture based on the manipulation of the stimulus-response that would change human behavior despite of the underlying debate that behavior is hereditary or nurtured by the environment. It is also a range of behaviors displayed by humans influenced by several factors such as culture, attitude, emotions, values and ethics. The behavior of a human being depends on the potential and capacity of his or her physical, mental, emotional, and social activity during the phases of human life (Hickson III, M. & Stacks, D., `1985). Living with the different factors that would generate the expression of manners of an individual, it basically acts as the foundation of molding the actual character of a certain person. In accordance to how people express their mental outlook, they respond and reciprocate towards the exposure of signals of the opposite sex, the perception to invasion of own psychological personal space, and the characteristics and levels of intimacy shared by both parties.

Personal space is known to be the area surrounding a person which they consider as theirs (McConnell, J., 1985). It is their concealed spot wherein other people cannot penetrate and violate easily. Being able to value their personal space, they are able to set limits and certain zones on the ones they are interacting to (Eyserick, H. & Eyserick, M., 1983). Human beings naturally bounce back to the encroachment of their personal space as Freudian would say. But once a person’s personal space has been penetrated by an outsider that understands the levels of comfort as of that of the receiver of message, there would be a certain allure of intimate bond between the two. Though intimacy has yet to be delved into to have the preciseness of its boundaries and levels as to observe the certain characteristics wherein spectators are able to classify their position when interacting with the person to whom they have invaded the private space. At par with the receiver of this invasion of space, he or she would be able to discuss and critically analyze the response to the means of how their own space has been occupied without having to suddenly jump into conclusion the actions being presented to them by the opposing party.

Furthermore, through an interview, this paper will be the guided accordingly by the words of experts of the daily examples of private and intimate situations that would help foreshadow into reading the verbal and non-verbal signals each respondent would reciprocate in case to case basis. And to gauge whether or not this would be a case of violation or permitting one’s self to break down walls for others to penetrate into their personal space.

The aim of this paper is to define, relate and categorize the development of a person’s perspective on privacy and intimacy when interacting to the same and/or the opposite sex. It would like to explore into the dynamics by which personal space would be determined by an internal or external influence upon it, and its connection to intimate situations. This is to widen...
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