Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Personal Responsibility
Lawrence M. DeWitt
March 20, 2013

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility to me, in regard to my collegiate education, means that I will strive to maintain a 4.0 GPA. In addition, I will be punctual when going to each class during the week, regardless of my work schedule and personal time. Attending on time is important for anything that has a certain start time, if it’s an appt. or a class. By showing up on time, or early shows the professor and other students who are early as well, that class is important, and its also respectful. Punctuality falls into place with morals, and our parents teach morals to us, usually. Being taught certain morals at an early age ensures that as we get older we implement them into our everyday lives. Being raised in middle class neighborhoods and schools has shown me the importance of college and morals. Many kids who were raised in lower class neighborhoods and attended high population low income school districts tend to overlook the importance of college and morals. (Pizzolato, 2006). These morals taught to us, carries over to school as well. Showing respect to my fellow classmates, to include the professor is not only respectful but also courteous. For some, doing this is second nature, and we don’t think about it. I like to think, that showing respect, will reciprocate back to me, in the sense that others will show me respect, and be courteous too. College success is very important to me, I want to obtain 2 degrees in two different areas of study. That being said, I will soon be doubling up on classes as to graduate earlier than planned. I will have many assignments that I must keep track of, and submit all of my work on time. Many young college students have an idea portrayed by the media that college is a big party and do not realize how much work goes into obtaining a degree until they are a couple of semesters into school. (Coffman,...
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