Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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Personal Responsibility
Wendy Barrientos-Segura
November 14, 2011
Professor Spain

Personal Responsibility
There are many things that we have to consider when perusing our education with the University of Phoenix. We need to stay focused on our personal responsibility, making sure we do our research and organization, and learn from the ethical lens inventory. We all have our personal responsibilities. We need to try to stay focused on what is important in life for example education, health and time management. The one thing we can never get back is time. We should enjoy every second that we have. Never let anyone or anything slow us down. We should keep our heads up, enjoy life, stay positive, and stay healthy. Education is important part of our personal responsibility. With education we have a better chance of finding a career instead of just a job. We can choose where we want to work and enjoy working there. With and a higher education we have a better salary then without. Without education these days it is hard to find a descent paying job. In this economy we are lucky to find a job without a degree. If we do find one, we get paid minimum wage. To settle for a low paying job is not a good thing to do. Personally, I wish I would have gone to school and finished my degree years ago. Our health is also another part of personal responsibility. What we eat and the way exercise plays a role on our health. What we eat is a big part of how we function because of the different nutrients that it gives our body. The food we eat can either give us energy or makes us tired. Also if we exercise it can give us energy, build up our confidence and self-esteem. Having an exercise routine is a good way of staying healthy and in shape. You get to have an average amount of calories that you burn and you can work it out with your calorie intake. Time management is also a big part of personal responsibility. Family, friends, work, and school all take up our...
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